What is BASIL?

BASIL stands for Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Laboratory.   The BASIL curriculum aims to get students to transition from thinking like students to thinking like scientists. Students analyze proteins with known structures but unknown functions, using modules for computational analyses and/or wet-lab techniques. BASIL is designed for undergraduate biochemistry lab courses, but can be adapted to first year (or even high school) settings, as well as upper-level undergraduate or graduate coursework. It is relevant for students in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or related majors. The curriculum is flexible, allowing module(s) to be used in any order and for only select modules to be utilized. 

How can I find out more about BASIL and get answers to questions I have about teaching using BASIL?

Join our Slack channel to connect with the BASIL community. Learn more about BASIL, ask questions, and get help with using module(s) in your course.

I am a student. Where can I download a module my instructor asked me to use? 

All the student versions of the modules are available on the BASIL Modules page.

I am an instructor. How can I get access to instructor materials? 

Submit a request for access to the instructor materials. Watch your email for a reply.

How do I order a plasmid starter kit for working with putative hydrolase enzymes?

A plasmid starter kit for working with putative hydrolase enzymes is available from the DNASU Plasmid repository. DNASU does require an account to be set up in order to purchase plasmids, and detailed instructions are provided by DNASU.