The Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Laboratory Community

BASIL Biochemistry is a course-based research experience (CURE) that uses computational techniques and traditional laboratory methods to assign functions to proteins.

Ask questions, compare results, and interact with other participants!

Mark you calendar! BASIL Week 2024:
June 24-28

Mark your calendar for June 24-28 for BASIL Week 2024!  This professional development week will offer lots of great activities including module workshops, discussion groups, giveaways, and a mini symposium.  Check out the  BASIL Week page for complete schedule and registration information.

Upcoming Workshops!

We have a full slate of workshops coming up in 2024.  Whether you are starting the BASIL curriculum, want to learn more about assessment in course-based undergraduate research experiences, or want to learn more about specific BASIL activities, there is something for you!  Check out the events page to learn more.


BASIL members have multiple workshops and talks at the BCCE meeting in Lexington, KY July 28th-August 1st, 2024. Stay tuned for more details!

Enhancing Assessment of Student Learning in Your CURE

Are you eager to enhance your ability to assess student learning in your CURE? Our workshop is designed to empower faculty members like you with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively evaluate student learning outcomes in CUREs. Learn more and register.